NANO FIT WATER – Oxygen Nano Bubbles, Alkaline Water


BOTTLE SIZE   16oz Aluminum Bottle
CASE SIZE        12 Bottles in an 11x9x9″ Cardboard Box
SHIPPING          Flat $5 Per case shipped anywhere in the Continental USA.




The functional wellness beverage created for active people.

Nano Fit Water is an oxygen alkaline nanobubble water beverage that delivers hydration on a cellular level. Backed by science, propelled by technology, every drop is supercharged with negative ions and oxygen nanobubbles that are small enough to make a big difference.

What is in the water?!
We get this question a LOT. Nano Fit Water is made from all natural ingredients of alkaline and negatively ionized water, minerals/electrolytes, and pure oxygen. No additives and technically vegan, as well!

When should I drink it?
Nano Fit Water is the perfect water for active people. The water is supercharged with negative ions and stable oxygen nanobubbles which can provide rapid cellular hydration and promote an energized performance. Drink Nano Fit Water while active and especially while working out or after consuming alcoholic beverages.

How do oxygen nanobubbles in the water help neutralize toxins like alcohol?
It only takes ~4 molecules of oxygen to neutralize 1 molecule of alcohol. Nano Fit water provides the body cellular hydration and helps aid in neutralizing toxins in the body making it the ideal recovery water.

Nano Fit Water team strives to drive performance, while preserving the environment for future generations. Backed by science and propelled by technology, Nano Fit Water super­charges your active lifestyle, while working towards a sustainable future!


  • Bioavailable Nanobubbles
  • Alkaline Water (pH 9.5+)
  • Stable Oxygen
  • Negatively Ionized
  • Triple-filtered
  • Electrolytes
  • Zero Calories
  • All Natural
  • Eco Friendly

Bioavailable Oxygen
Nano Fit Water uses nanotechnology to infuse Oxygen Nanobubbles. The oxygen nanobubbles are so small, they rapidly hydrate the body on a cellular level. 

Alkaline Water
Nano Fit Water is an innovation to the alkaline water industry that boasts stable oxygen and the ability to help aid in neutralizing acids from working out or drinking alcohol.

Designed for active people looking for functional recovery, minerals and electrolytes are added for an energized performance.

Zero Calories & All Natural
Activated with stable oxygen and negative ions, Nano Fit Water is all natural with zero calories, additives, or artificial flavors.

100% Eco Friendly Bottle
High tech 16 oz aluminum bottle and cap is rust proof, reusable, and lined with a BPA-free lining. The bottles have no aluminum taste or leaching of any kind. The bottles are an infinitely recyclable alternative to single-use plastic.

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”””Oxygen Alkaline Nanobubble Water

Best all natural oxygen alkaline nanobubble recovery water Functional drink for Energized Performance Powerful Hydration & Accelerated Recovery! Utilizing the power of nanobubbles and alkalinity they created a beverage that delivers hydration on a cellular level.”””’
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 8 in


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