Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy Nano Fit Water while being active and physically moving your body. NFW is an exercise and recovery drink so we suggest 3 different ways to best consume the water.
  1) Drink on an empty or mostly-empty stomach right before you exercise,
  2) Drink while exercising, and/or
  3) Drink post-workout or post-alcohol consumption.

2 Bottles a day maximum while exercising is the recommended daily servings to get the best benefits of bioavailable oxygen for the body.

We recommend any women who are pregnant or breast feeding to consult their physicians before consuming Nano Fit Water Oxygen Beverage.

Do not drink Nano Fit Water (or any ionized Alkaline waters for that fact) with medication. We recommend you consult your physician before consumption. With drinking any ionized water, the rule of thumb is you want to have a 2 hour window after taking medication and 2 hours before the next dosage. This is to ensure potency of the medication and we recommend you consult your health care professional for assistance with timing.

Yes! Because the nanotized oxygen infused is stable and will NOT rapidly leave the bottle within 30 minutes upon opening, you can now enjoy the drink throughout your entire 2 hour (or more!) workout.

Oxygen Nanobubbles are negatively charged, ultra tiny, invisible, nanoscopic, charge- stable bubbles measured in nanometers and filled with oxygen that have the ability to change the normal characteristics of water. They are the most stable type of bubbles known and do not follow the normal properties of physics. They follow properties of quantum physics. (We discuss more in the next question.)

Oxygen Nanobubbles change the properties of water by creating a net NEGATIVE charge to the water due to the abundance of negative ion electrons within the water. The more negatively charged the water, the better for the purpose of neutralizing harmful acids and toxins in the body. Anything missing 1 electron acts as an acid or free radical to the body. The most interesting way Oxygen Nanobubbles in Nano Fit Water defy the normal properties of physics is

the bubbles are stable in liquid for a prolonged period of time and do not swell and burst like any other kind of larger bubbles in water. Instead, the nanobubbles stay suspended in bulk distribution in the water for prolonged periods of time. For this reason, the oxygen is stable and will not gas off immediately when exposed to room air.

It can be difficult to wrap your head around how tiny a nanobubble actually is. Nanometers are so tiny they are 1/billionth the size of a normal meter stick. As a decimal number, 1 nanometer is .000000001 meters or 10^-9 meters. Another way to understand how small nanobubbles are is to imagine about a thousand bubbles stacked in 1 straight line edge-to-edge. They are so small that they fit along the diameter tip of one human hair.

  1) Because these bubbles are so ultra small, they follow different properties of water that behave according to the laws of quantum physics.

  2) Normal bubbles rise and burst at the surface of the liquid until the atmosphere pressure is even between the liquid and the air.

  3) Nanobubbles do not follow either of those behaviors and are much more stable because they follow Brownian motion, which means they will stay suspended for months in bulk distribution.

Nano Fit Water does not use Ozone to create our exclusive formula. Instead we use the same molecule we breathe naturally in the air… pure Oxygen.

You can purchase Nano Fit Water with, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Paypal or with your Amazon account.

No, Nano Fi Water does not contain fluoride or chlorine

Many people confuse alkaline water with alkalinity. The pH of any water can have an alkalinity of pH 9.5, but that does NOT mean it is “Alkaline water.” To be considered alkaline water, the water must have a pH higher than the neutral range of 7 and also have ionization.

The pH levels of Nano Fit Water is 9.5 or higher.

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